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  • UX Researcher


  • Figma

  • Mural

  • Otter.io


  • Whole design process: 7 months


With the correlation between at home cooking and greater nutritional quality, this demographic is at a disadvantage as those within this age group are more likely to look towards already prepared foods such as processed foods, restaurants and fast foods as a source of nutrients compared to any other age group.


It is evident that the interest within developing cooking skills is present amongst the younger adult population but a lack of time and energy; skills and resources; as well as dullness and inflexibility of current offerings, prevent this demographic from obtaining steady growth towards their cooking confidence.

Design challenge

How might we guide users along a straight path towards culinary confidence while being attentive to their lack of resources and needs for excitement?

Encourage healthier decisions

Utilize the user's resources


A mobile cooking guru that accompanies young adults through gamified cooking experiences of healthier versions to their cheat day foods, while putting to use ingredients the user has on hand and allowing for simple planning of future meal.

Encourage healthier decisions

  • Guide users towards improving their skills to grow their nutritional knowledge and eat healthier

  • All meals generated will follow proper portioning of key food groups

  • Push notifications to guide users back to the app

Utilize the user's resources

  • All recipes have ingredient lists between 5-8 ingredients to save time and reduce cooking anxiety.

  • Allows users to generate recipes using ingredients they have on hand.

  • Auto generated meal plans to reduce planning time, and encourage cooking in advance.

Drive excitement

  • All recipes are healthier versions to ‘cheat-day’ meals to excite users and help satisfy their cravings

  • Acquire in-app credit towards purchasing specialty recipes in the Market

Market research - what's trending?

Research goals

  • What cooking resources & educational platforms will strive based off of past and current offerings.

  • How will the act of cooking emerge for young adults?

Methods & Analysis

  • 6 publications

  • Trend matrix

  • Industry diagnostic


Steady increase of learning to cook early & often

Downward trend of cooking at home meals

Interest within cooking reinvigorated

User research

Research goals

  • What cooking barriers are present for young adults aged 17-35?

  • What are the nutritional requirements of this target demographic?

  • What mechanisms can be applied to help users towards a better nutritional lifestyle?

Methods & Analysis

  • 6 publications

  • 4 user interviews

  • 24 surveys

  • 3 expert interviews

  • 3 picture interviews


Data collected demonstrates that young adults enter a time of culinary exploration but concerns of time & energy; skills and resources; as well as cooking's inflexibility and sometimes dullness cause road-blocks when it comes to cooking.

Taking the traits of the user demographic identified through research, a persona highlighted the type of user this solution will be tailored towards.

The Customer Journey Map highlighted the user's points of frustration with each step in their cooking session. This led to opportunities to resolve pain points.

14 user tests

The icons cause navigational confusion. They don’t properly portray their purpose.

Design icons specific to the app and add labels for easier navigation.

The skill sessions are not descriptive. It seems as though all I will be doing is cutting vegetables.

It would be more useful to display when I will be preparing meals for meal prep rather than when I will have it.

It would be more useful to display when I will be preparing meals for meal prep rather than when I will have it.

Display a schedule for meal preparation dates, to cook meals in advance.

Learing outcomes

  • A collection of different frameworks and matrices for every step in the design thinking process

  • How to work in an effective agile environment for quick feedback towards a finished product


Although the importance and benefits of good project management has been demonstrated in past times, during this 7 month cycle, this project was able to excel by adhering to the planning of the project scope defined during the initial stages of production.

Growth opportunity

The project would have benefited from breaking down the user base further through segments of gender, race, location, and age to see the differentiating factors that may attribute to their struggles with this goal.